Friday, August 23, 2013

Which is More Important: Clean Water or Clean Water?

I created this blog to talk about the importance of clean water and to talk about how one person can make a difference with patience, hard work, and a sustained effort. Many of you know I’m a marketer by trade, working for a small software company called SmartBear.

Recently, I attended the #Inbound13 conference in Boston, which is an event created by Hubspot where I learned about the work being done by Charity: Water.

I was impressed by Charity: Water’s mission and their ability to communicate the importance of clean water. For me, that message was a connection between my marketing life and my personal passion, so it really hit home. Sure, we all know we need clean water to sustain life and prevent disease. However, I never realized that young women are primarily responsible for collecting water for the family. In many cases, they spend their day walking miles carrying heavy jugs of dirty, contaminated water. It’s dangerous, difficult, and comes at a heavy price. Because this is a daily chore, they cannot go to school.

Simply by supplying clean water, you allow a village or a region to be healthier and make it possible for the women to become educated, and education is the only way to overcome poverty. Many of you also know I have a daughter, and were in not for circumstance, that could be her. Instead, she’s preparing for college, something most of those girls could never dream of.

As your child heads back to school, I encourage you to watch this video about the work Charity: Water is doing and donate to their #september campaign.

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